Ben and Bend, OR

October 18th, 2005

(at left: Dinner at Ben’s)
I’m usually only down for the weekend to crank out some climbs at Smith Rock. To get scared and pretend I like falling. There’s free camping on BLM land, a spot officially known as “Skull Hollow” but more euphemistically as “The Grasslands” for it really is just a fenced in dust bowl. But it’s free.

(at left: Ben Moon)
I think the first thing to note is it’s sunny here. Even on the rainy days, it’s sunny. From Ben’s it’s a five minute bike ride to the pub where it’s $2.75 pints of microbrew on Mondays. It’s a two minute walk to the river trail, a dirt path winding through the pine, alongside the river and luxury homes. And it’s 30 minutes to the crag. Where it’s sunny. Did I mention that?

I don’t know how ‘livable’ the magazines consider Bend but as far as I’m concerned, it’s not bad. I’ll leave it at that and just throw in some pics; the pose-down with Ben climbing and Kim belaying (we didn’t get to shoot Kim), dinner at Ben’s with Katie Brown and Adam Knoff where…I just couldn’t pass up that orange wall. unfortunately, too much wine, too little attention, and I didn’t notice Ben had changed the ISO to 1250. That and I think I need to get a soft box. The quest for more gear!

(at left: Katy in the Patagonia shirt Ben needs to give her)
I’ll spare you (and Kim) from the ‘stock’ photos we did illustrating ‘young caucasian woman with casual lifestyle showing connectivity’ in scenic Bend. But it was sunny. With fall colors. Gorgeous!
(below: Adam Knoff)

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